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About Us ChocolaTree Cafe is 100% organic homemade with a delicious, diverse raw and cooked menu that’s entirely gluten and processed sugar-free. We are a family business with multifaceted backgrounds. Please take a look around our website and store to learn more about our vision and community


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"The hidden jewel of Sedona!"
--Hank C.,
"Green Goddess was perfect! The different ingredients were exploding in my mouth!"
"Your food is the most energizing and satisfying food in Sedona!"
--Ben B.,
"ChocolaTree provides the most nutritional, spiritual, and delectable food and service I've ever had!"
--Steve W.,
"An enlightening insight to a dream concept of eating."
--Kelly L.,
"When I eat at ChocolaTree, I come alive!"
--Adrienne S.,
"A powerful and phenomenal journey with a twist of awesomeness!"
--Patrick N.,
"Being fulfilled by a meal and not bursting through the seams, HAPPY!"
--Aaron A.,
"I'm not a vegetarian, but your Ethiopian stew was stunningly delicious!"
--Noah P.,
"Delicious food, amazing art gallery and environment! Very earthy!"
"I love this place! I find such utter contentment, love and nourishment here. Thank you! Blessings to you!"
--Becky F.,
"Pure radiance whirling, vibrating, spiraling around my tummy!"
--Max G.,
"A beacon of light in a town already bright. A peaceful sanctuary. It is very apparent here they care."
--Reiki Rob,
"Beautiful place and lovely atmosphere!"
--Francisco A.,
"Food that makes you feel every cell in your body being nourished when you eat!"
--Carissa O.,
"Divine, decadent food for the soul! The one and only restaurant for me!"
"ChocolaTree is our favorite place in Sedona. The food is magical and the vibe is unreal!"
--Ruben C.,
"Food for the body, mind and heart. Deeply nourishing. ChocolaTree is a place to love!"
"ChocolaTree nourishes the entire soul in such delightful ways!"
"ChocolaTree is the living essence of the new, harmonious, yummy and healthy earth!"
--Bridget N.,
"Great vibes, wonderful food, lovely people who own, work and eat here!"
"Very nice people, food and energy in this sacred spot!"
--Jay L.,
"As the holistic food works it magic within, chance encounters in the garden bring us new friends!"
"What a lovely slice of heaven! The garden is peaceful, beautiful, and home for my heart. Yum!"
"Fairy magic infuses not only the delicious food but the whole environment!"
--Eliza K.,
"This place makes me incandescently happy!"
--Mary M.,
"A beacon of light in a town already bright. A peaceful sanctuary. It is very apparent here they care."
--Reiki RobSedona AZ
"A peaceful retreat that calls your soul and pleases the palate!"
"A chocolate retreat for the soul!"
--Anne B.,
"Philosopher's elixir with 8 immortals and a side of galactic butterfly! Need I say more?"
--Robert E.,
"The food is fabulous! I love the ginger lemonade with a wheatgrass shot. I always feel energized and happy after eating here!"
--Kimberly D.,
"Delicious, creative, wonderful art, loved the music. Thank you for the moment!"
--Oihana G.,
"My favorite restaurant in the entire world, truly!"
"Absolutely the fantastictestish place on Earth!"
--Ken R.,
"The most relaxing place in town, and delicious food!"
"You expect chocolate, but you receive so much more!"
--Larry I.,
"It is THE epic hub for nutrition and lifestyle. I feel high every time I come here!"
--David K.,
"By far the best food of any restaurant anywhere - amazing!"
"ChocolaTree oh ChocolaTree oh how I wish you had your chocolate growing on your trees!"
--Jennifer P.,
"I might eat here every day of my vacation!"
--Kate I.,
"Your space makes my heart sing! One day I will have a portal from my room to your garden!"
--Morgyn V.,
"Best experience ever! As someone with allergies to everything, this is heaven!"
--Chelsie M.,
"Food in ChocolaTree is a beautiful art work, feeding all my senses!"
"A lovely spot to spend time, and delicious iced chai!"
--Lillian H.,
"ChocolaTree offers our community a wide variety of spiritually alive edibles!"
"Quality and taste of food and atmosphere is unparalleled!"
--Preston M.,
"I drive up almost weekly from Phoenix to enjoy the delicious food and relaxing environment."
--Alan S.Phoeniz, AZ
"The mint-infused water provides the feeling of a re-birth. A new beginning!"
--Jessica F.,
"One of my favorite places to be. Straight up magic!"
--Holly A.,
"Holding beautiful space for food magic to unfold!"
--William M.,
"Lovely energy and gluten free heaven!"
--Heather S.,
"Most unique expression of nourishment in all ways always."
--Erin P.,
"Nourishment from the root up!"
--Rachel R.,
"I've walked into a delicious Shangri-La! Thank you for the delightful, healthy tastebud extravaganza!"
--Jolene H.,
"Amazing food that raises your consciousness!"
--Princess C.,
"Like a powerful vortex, ChocolaTree has become a global hot spot for conscious cuisine and cafe experience!"
--Amalia C.,
"ChocolaTree is a nexus point for conscious community to join over the most delicious vegan cuisine ever!"
--Jen S.Sedona AZ
"The ChocolaTree has become a home for some and a haven for many!"
--Keely B.,
"Thank you for a delicious, unique and healthy meal!"
--Marcel N.,
"Peaceful, happy, delicious place to eat!"
--Dia Q.,
"Relaxing, peaceful garden! Invigorating food!"
--Sally S.,
"I am most grateful to be a part of this loving legend by just stepping on to the grounds here!"
--Alison K.,
"Serene, peaceful, tranquil place to meditate and enjoy other's company!"
--Wendy R.,
"The ChocolaTree is a magical place that goes beyond satisfying your appetite. It's nourishment for the soul. Thank you for doing what you do!"
--Beverly K.,
"You are what you eat! Chocolate is alive!"
--Ariella M.,
"ChocolaTree Haven is the one and only place in Sedona I feel amazing eating out in, and my children love it just as much as I do!"
--Samantha S.,
"One heart, one Love! Thank you to ChocolaTree for the exquisite food and friends!"
--Lane B.,
"Sedona's best kept secret!"
"I am so grateful for this healing space and food!"
--Ashleigh B.,
"There is simply no other place like the ChocolaTree. I perpetually rave about it!"
--Renea A.,
"An oasis for calming and replenishing the spirit!"
--Peggy C.,
"Soulful food from loving souls!"
--Randy F.,
"The only place I will eat other than my own kitchen! Good job ChocolaTree!"
"From the moment we pulled into the parking lot, we knew we were in heaven!"
--Joanna Y.,
"Enlightened food! Enlighten your body, mind and spirit!"
--Edgar F.,
"The food is healthy, flavorful, filling, and colorful. Pleasantly impressed, plus gluten free!"
--Aspen C.,

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